Picture perfect

Moving so many precious objects is a great challenge. Many of them are big and difficult to handle and others are so small they are hard to keep track off. All the objects will be cleaned and checked before they are packed and send of to be frozen.  The reason most of the objects are frozen before they enter the new storage, is to be sure that they are free of possible pests so we don’t bring old contamination in. The remaining objects will be quarantined for a period so we can be sure they are “clean”.

Before any work can be done to the objects the conservators have to make sure that the objects are well documented. This means that we take photos and write down their conservational condition before we start doing anything to them. That way we are sure of how the objects looked before and after they are cleaned and moved.

Therefor the photo station is very important.  Here we take pictures of the objects and we have to make sure that the pictures show just how the objects look. The photos have to show the correct color of the object and it has to have the right exposure so that the object looks like what we see and isn’t too dark or too light.

The picture underneath shows how different an object (in this case a radio) can look when the camera isn’t properly calibrated.