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  • Say what?

    Say what?

    We have, for now, left the chests behind and started working on the rural collection. This collection turned out to be an unexpected challenge. The first challenge that arose was: “Do you see a museum number on this one?” “Hmm, no I can’t find one either”. It turned out that most of the objects had […]

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  • Dustbusters


    As earlier mentioned we have set up different “stations” around the conservation lab to organize the workflow. After photographing the objects the next step is cleaning of dust, spider webs or other things accumulations during years of storage. The cleaning we do at the “cleaning station” is purely dry cleaning with vacuumcleaner, brushes and compressed […]

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  • Treasure hunt

    Treasure hunt

    The last couple of weeks we have been hard at work photographing, cleaning, registering and packing a large amount of chests in all colors and sizes. The work has sometimes resembled a little treasure hunt since some of the chests have revealed exciting details. The pictures below illustrate some of the things we have found. […]

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  • Photo station

    Photo station

    In organizing the workflow we have adapted a systematic approach, making the move easier by setting up different “stations” around the conservation lab. The objects are all stored in a temporary storage facility right next to the conservation lab. From the storage the objects are moved on a trolley to the first station in the […]

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  • Key-bingo!!


    Wow – we did it! We matched one of the mystery keys we mentioned in an earlier post to one of the chests. Last week we started moving the chests from the museum collections. Some of them already had keys and could be opened – others had keys but had broken or corroded locks. This meant […]

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