Wow – we did it! We matched one of the mystery keys we mentioned in an earlier post to one of the chests. Last week we started moving the chests from the museum collections. Some of them already had keys and could be opened – others had keys but had broken or corroded locks. This meant that it was impossible to open them. As predicted some of the chests had no keys at all.

The chest we were handling yesterday was particularly heavy and felt like it contained something. We had a suspicion that it might be glass bottles as we last week had a similar but smaller chest containing fine old glass bottles. Unfortunately it was locked and there was no key. Luckily we were able to match one of the mystery keys to the chest and open it! The chest did contain glass bottles! On top of that it had a very pretty interior as can be seen in the picture. The chest had obliviously not been opened in many years as it was full of spider web, dust and dead insects.