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Treasure hunt

The last couple of weeks we have been hard at work photographing, cleaning, registering and packing a large amount of chests in all colors and sizes. The work has sometimes resembled a little treasure hunt since some of the chests have revealed exciting details. The pictures below illustrate some of the things we have found.

Beautifully made lock

When we opened this chest from around 1780 we found this beautiful and intricate lock mechanism. The chest belonged to the smith and clockmakers guild in Bergen.

Letters used as lining

These letters were discovered inside a leather trunk from the 18th hundred. The letters were send to a Hans Hvid and Clara Wold and then reused as lining for the trunk. The lining also consisted of reused newspaper and book pages that were glued to the inside of the trunk.

Collection of lacqure seals

In this chest we found a large collection of lacqure seals that nobody knew the museum owned. The collection was carefully organized and recorded i five books that were also found in the chest.


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