Ho ho ho Merry Christmas

The holidays are swiftly approaching and the crew on the moving project is thinning out as people go away for Christmas and New Year. 

We are packing up the last objects and preparing to shot down “Santa’s workshop” as the packing station has been nicknamed throughout December (more on the packing station when we return in January)!

December has been a good month, the team is complete and we are just about ready to move at full speed.  Despite the busy Christmas month we did make time to socialize in no less than 3 Christmas dinners.


In Scandinavian we celebrate Saint Lucia the patron saint of the blind with a light fest. So on the 13th of December the conservation section went on a mission to spread the spirit of Saint Lucia at the University of Bergen. There were candle light, singing, pepper biscuits and clementines customary to this day.

The moving team wishes you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!