Digital documentation

For the moving project the conservation team had a new database constructed from scratch. In this database all the objects are recorded, their condition described and the picture taken at the photo station attached. All the objects are also given a risk estimating number offering an assessment of the condition of the item and a quick overview of the whole collection. When the moving project is completed the data collected throughout the process is incorporated in the original museum database.

When the objects have been cleaned they are taken to the registration station. Here the conservation team starts off by checking the attached museum number and finding it in the database and if it isn’t registered we create a file for the object. If an item has no number it is put aside so it may be given a new number or the old number can be located. However, this procedure is very time consuming and in the future we plan to attach a “moving number” generated in the database, which will enable us to create a rapport on “problem objects” to be checked out by a curator. As this task is purely a moving project we neither have the time or resources to revise every object we’ll handle, even though it’s really interesting playing detective in old museums records.