Packing the delicates

Before the Christmas holidays we wrote a little about the packing station and in this post we’ll elaborate on that.


When the objects are registered they move on to the packing station. The goal of this station is to prepare the objects for being moved and frozen on site at the new central storage facility.


Many museum artifacts are very fragile and they have to be packed with care for the journey. Lose parts are packed in silk tissue and attached to the object. We also use polyethylene foam, boxes and bubble wrap to secure very fragile objects either because they are damaged by wear or for example broken down by pests.


When the objects are secured they are wrapped tight in plastic and stretch film. This is crucial because all the objects containing organic material (e.g. wood, textile, plant materials) have to be frozen before entering the new storage, as described in the post about pests. Freezing causes a rise in relative humidity and the cooled air reaches the dew point when freezing and defrosting. To avoid the objects coming into contact with too much moisture, it’s important that they are tightly packed preferably without too much air present.