Coordinating cooperation

When undertaking a project such as ours, moving a variety of collections and thousands of objects, we have to keep in touch with the curators, who manage the collections on a daily basis, and other museum staff who will get involved along the way. Contact and communication with the rest of the museum staff is vital since we will need their help in many steps of the moving project.  Therefore we invited them to visit the moving projects facilities.

Curators and collection managers usually have a certain fondness for their collection and we would like to show them how we take care of their “babies” and to show the administrative employees what we do on the project.

So, the other day we held an information meeting for these museum people, who we’ll be in contact with frequently. We introduced them to the structure of the process, the goals of the moving and the fancy new storage facility and gave them a look into the daily work on the workstations.  It was also a good opportunity for the curators to ask any questions they might have about the move.

It was an overall good experience and our guests were in general very optimistic about the work. We are all looking forward to working together in the future!