How to dress your conservator

In museum collections some objects may have been treated with toxic or poisonous materials like arsenic and mercury. These elements were used as a conservation method and as pest treatment. Generally, we don’t have records of prior treatments, nor do we know exactly witch objects could be a health risk to the conservators. Therefore, we must be properly equipped beforehand.

So, here comes a step-by-step photo series on how to dress your conservator:


This is our sanitation box. Complete with wall size filters to absorb dust and toxic particles.


Firstly, ad your conservator to the designated area.












Second, equip with Tyvek suit covering almost the entire body.






Thirdly, put on gloves….












….and protective socks.




















The last thing to be added is a mask and matching belt with fresh air filters. The powered respirator fits round the face for optimal protection and has a flow of air over the face.
















Now the conservator is ready to take on potentially toxic or mold infested or very dusty objects. Now, that’s good health and safety!