To be or not to be…

In the last couple of months the conservation department and the moving project has been slowed down by the common “summer vacation disease”.  Everyone on the project has had at least a week of and most of our external partners and general museum personal have been on vacation as well. This has influenced our capacity and of cause the speed of the moving. On the bright side we have actually managed to start up our new freezing container and begun moving objects into our fancy new storage facility – but more about that in an upcoming blog.

In the end of June and most of July we concentrated on parts of the theater collection of the museum. A big change compared to our on and off documentation and cleaning of primarily zoological objects, which we have been working on most of winter and spring. The theater collection poses quite different challenges, as a pose to the zoological material, since it’s not made to last. This means that it’s often made of more or less sustainable materials like plastic, tape, glue, bad grade paper and cardboard and lots of other materials that are hard to preserve.


BTM07105The theater collection consists of a lot of different objects – props, scenemodels, costumes, memorabilia and other items related to the theater history of Bergen.

One of the more funny objects where a cobblestone from the pavement outside one of the theaters. The cobblestone came from outside Bergens Theater and had gone through the roof of a house far away from the theater during one of the bombings of Bergen in WW2. The couple who owned the house had later given the cobblestone to the museum.BTM07228