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Loads of alcohol!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014!

As mentioned in our Christmas post (Click here to see) we started 2014 with packing the spirit collection on display at the museum. We decided on a movable packing solution to make the collection mobile for later convenience. Everything was placed on pallets padded with Styrofoam. The glasses were separated using Styrofoam and other packing plastics.

Photo 07-01-14 08.23.50 Photo 07-01-14 09.05.01

This work started an early Tuesday morning as can be seen on the pictures. Several of the objects were of a considerable size and we had extra help placing these on pallets by our moving firm.

Beforehand, we documented the exhibition room with photos and during the process we started to note all museum numbers in reference to display cases.

Photo 07-01-14 09.05.12 Photo 10-01-14 13.24.19

We ended up with 15 pallets of wet collection objects. These were all checked to make sure they had enough ethanol and had as close-fitting lids as possible to decrease any evaporation. In the end all pallets were covered with Tyvek to protect both specimens and Styrofoam as both are very susceptible to light (oxidation).

Photo 09-01-14 10.28.03 Photo 09-01-14 11.27.51