Moving Nature Preventive conservation Storage


Autumn is approaching, the days are growing shorter and time is closing in on moving the big animals from the museum exhibition. The conservators on the moving project have, in association with the construction firm currently renovating the south wing of the museum, scheduled to move the “oversized mounts” out a window by crane in October.

Animals in the dimmed light getting ready for the Autumn move.

Before this can be carried out, several animals must be properly secured on pallets. At present, we are working on three sharks mounted on tall metal rods. This support system is less than ideal for transport, because they are very heavy and the center of gravity is high making the sharks unstable.


Shark on rod.

New mounts are furnished on long pallets with supporters cut to size from Plastazote foam and secured on bits of wood. The foam is glued together with hot melt glue and fastened with a top layer of Tyvek textile. These pallets will serve as permanent storage crates for the sharks.

Billede 27-08-14 10.52.10Billede 27-08-14 13.46.32


First we measure the shark’s belly and then the measurements are added to the foam.

Billede 27-08-14 14.22.47Billede 27-08-14 14.45.22

Tyvek is added and the shark is put on its new crate.