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Packed for a journey

The big animals are almost ready to go out the window in one week’s time. The last preparations are in progress and have turned up a few challenges. Doors, windows and trucks only come in certain sizes, and the route through the museum has its limitations when it comes to width and height. Furthermore, some of the animals are unstable on their platforms, with crooked legs and leaning postures. Here are some examples of how we meet these challenges:


The Kudu antelope is more than 2 meters tall on its pallet. It can’t fit the freezer and the size of the truck also poses a problem.

Billede 07-10-14 10.28.46

The solution was fairly simple. The horns could be dismounted, thus transforming a big problem into a package of loose horns.

Billede 07-10-14 11.37.53 Billede 08-10-14 09.08.54

The antelope mount was also unstable, so supports were built on the pallet base and covered with plastic.

Billede 07-10-14 10.53.06

The mounting of this Lichtenstein’s hartebeest is among the most stable, and it could be strapped to the pallet with just a little protection on the horns and ears.

Billede 07-10-14 11.02.49

But it wasn’t just antelope and deer that were problematic – this shark is about 4 meters long, with a very long tail fin. We went a little overboard with the marking and warning signals on the tail.