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  • Surprising treasure

    Surprising treasure

    This week we have been picking up the ends of the stone move. A collection of smaller building stones and pottery were placed in the conservation lab for washing and repacking in plastic boxes as a pose to the old wooden boxes they were kept in before. But it wasn’t just stones the boxes contained. […]

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  • What stones are we moving?!

    What stones are we moving?!

    The last two weeks have been dedicated to a special moving project. The task is to move building stones in all shapes and sizes (from the size of a hand to stones of 300-400 kg) from a storage room within a protected building to a new storage location. The stones are being moved because the […]

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  • Coordinating cooperation

    Coordinating cooperation

    When undertaking a project such as ours, moving a variety of collections and thousands of objects, we have to keep in touch with the curators, who manage the collections on a daily basis, and other museum staff who will get involved along the way. Contact and communication with the rest of the museum staff is […]

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  • Say what?

    Say what?

    We have, for now, left the chests behind and started working on the rural collection. This collection turned out to be an unexpected challenge. The first challenge that arose was: “Do you see a museum number on this one?” “Hmm, no I can’t find one either”. It turned out that most of the objects had […]

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  • Treasure hunt

    Treasure hunt

    The last couple of weeks we have been hard at work photographing, cleaning, registering and packing a large amount of chests in all colors and sizes. The work has sometimes resembled a little treasure hunt since some of the chests have revealed exciting details. The pictures below illustrate some of the things we have found. […]

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  • “Key-Boards”


    Some of the first objects that are being moved to the new central storage are a number of chests. The chests vary in size and shape from little manageable handy ones to huge 300+ kg ones. Many of the chests have at least one lock and many of the bigger ones have several locks and […]

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  • Danger! Danger! Insects!

    Danger! Danger! Insects!

    There are many dangers that threaten our natural- and cultural artifacts and it’s these dangers that conservators work to prevent. Among them are sunlight, water, heat, mold, insects and rodents. All these elements have a bad influence on objects and make them deteriorate faster. We all know what happens if you leave a colored t-shirt […]

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  • Picture perfect

    Picture perfect

    Moving so many precious objects is a great challenge. Many of them are big and difficult to handle and others are so small they are hard to keep track off. All the objects will be cleaned and checked before they are packed and send of to be frozen.  The reason most of the objects are […]

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