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  • Under the southern sun

    Under the southern sun

    So last week the natural history conservators on the moving project had an excursion to Barcelona. Not to get a tan, though it was warm and sunny in Spain, but to attend 1st International Conservation Symposium-Workshop for Natural History Collections (A forum in Conservation, Restoration and Preparation).  The symposium lasted for three days, two days […]

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  • To be or not to be…

    To be or not to be…

    In the last couple of months the conservation department and the moving project has been slowed down by the common “summer vacation disease”.  Everyone on the project has had at least a week of and most of our external partners and general museum personal have been on vacation as well. This has influenced our capacity […]

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  • Medal memory

    Medal memory

    Finally our medals are conserved and analyzed. One cross is the Iron Cross and the other the Spanish Cross. The Iron Cross originates in 13th century Kingdom of Jerusalem, when the Teutonic Order was granted the right to combine their Black Cross with the silver Cross of Jerusalem. As a military decoration the Iron Cross have […]

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  • Surprising treasure

    Surprising treasure

    This week we have been picking up the ends of the stone move. A collection of smaller building stones and pottery were placed in the conservation lab for washing and repacking in plastic boxes as a pose to the old wooden boxes they were kept in before. But it wasn’t just stones the boxes contained. […]

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  • Easter egg conservation

    Easter egg conservation

    So it is Easter next week and we are doing some Easter eggs… or well not really. Coincidentally, these eggs came out of a box with taxidermy animals to be cleaned and documented. This seemed like a good opportunity to wish you folks a very Happy Easter! And show a snapshots of the cleaning. After […]

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  • How to dress your conservator

    How to dress your conservator

    In museum collections some objects may have been treated with toxic or poisonous materials like arsenic and mercury. These elements were used as a conservation method and as pest treatment. Generally, we don’t have records of prior treatments, nor do we know exactly witch objects could be a health risk to the conservators. Therefore, we […]

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  • Packing the delicates

    Packing the delicates

    Before the Christmas holidays we wrote a little about the packing station and in this post we’ll elaborate on that.   When the objects are registered they move on to the packing station. The goal of this station is to prepare the objects for being moved and frozen on site at the new central storage facility. […]

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  • Dustbusters


    As earlier mentioned we have set up different “stations” around the conservation lab to organize the workflow. After photographing the objects the next step is cleaning of dust, spider webs or other things accumulations during years of storage. The cleaning we do at the “cleaning station” is purely dry cleaning with vacuumcleaner, brushes and compressed […]

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  • Key-bingo!!


    Wow – we did it! We matched one of the mystery keys we mentioned in an earlier post to one of the chests. Last week we started moving the chests from the museum collections. Some of them already had keys and could be opened – others had keys but had broken or corroded locks. This meant […]

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  • So you’re moving your collection too?

    So you’re moving your collection too?

    The moving team attended the IIC Nordic Group – NKF’s XIX International Conference in Oslo last week. Three days packed with case stories on moving projects in all shapes and sizes, dos and don’ts in pest management and packing, and in general the challenges for museums relocating or rehousing everything from single objects to extensive […]

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