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  • The moving project signing out

    The moving project signing out

    The moving project has come to an end. The project is closing down for now, having successfully emptied the Natural History building on Musèplassen 3. The endeavor has taken more than three years to complete and included many different challenges, but they have all been met by the team of conservators in good spirit. To […]

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  • Working against time

    Working against time

    This month, the moving project started moving cultural history objects from old storage rooms with very bad climate, as mentioned in the previous post (click here). The cultural objects are a part of Norway’s history with selections of “ølboller” and “mangletrær” unique to this region, amongst other things. The climate has a relative humidity of […]

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  • October update and other things than moving….

    October update and other things than moving….

    The moving project is very busy and will be even more so when the Natural History Museum closes the 1th of November. When the museum closes for renovation we have to move all the objects out so the builders can get in. November and December will be a busy time, but even though we are […]

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  • Medal memory

    Medal memory

    Finally our medals are conserved and analyzed. One cross is the Iron Cross and the other the Spanish Cross. The Iron Cross originates in 13th century Kingdom of Jerusalem, when the Teutonic Order was granted the right to combine their Black Cross with the silver Cross of Jerusalem. As a military decoration the Iron Cross have […]

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  • What stones are we moving?!

    What stones are we moving?!

    The last two weeks have been dedicated to a special moving project. The task is to move building stones in all shapes and sizes (from the size of a hand to stones of 300-400 kg) from a storage room within a protected building to a new storage location. The stones are being moved because the […]

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  • Say what?

    Say what?

    We have, for now, left the chests behind and started working on the rural collection. This collection turned out to be an unexpected challenge. The first challenge that arose was: “Do you see a museum number on this one?” “Hmm, no I can’t find one either”. It turned out that most of the objects had […]

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  • Treasure hunt

    Treasure hunt

    The last couple of weeks we have been hard at work photographing, cleaning, registering and packing a large amount of chests in all colors and sizes. The work has sometimes resembled a little treasure hunt since some of the chests have revealed exciting details. The pictures below illustrate some of the things we have found. […]

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  • “Key-Boards”


    Some of the first objects that are being moved to the new central storage are a number of chests. The chests vary in size and shape from little manageable handy ones to huge 300+ kg ones. Many of the chests have at least one lock and many of the bigger ones have several locks and […]

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  • How to XRF

    How to XRF

    This week the conservation department got a handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer. The XRF NITON XL3t GOLDD+ pistol is to be used for material identification, a nondestructive way of examining metals, heavy metals and plastic components in the materials we will be working with. In the moving project we will investigate the usage of the XRF […]

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