Moving Archive

  • Deflowering


    The moving project started on dismounting the 1th store exhibitions at the Natural History Museum.  We began with the botanical displays consisting of enlarged models of flowers and dried specimens. The objects here are generally very fragile and need delicate handling with only a few things in each box and lots of padding material.   […]

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  • Working against time

    Working against time

    This month, the moving project started moving cultural history objects from old storage rooms with very bad climate, as mentioned in the previous post (click here). The cultural objects are a part of Norway’s history with selections of “ølboller” and “mangletrær” unique to this region, amongst other things. The climate has a relative humidity of […]

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  • Odd Sized Objects

    Odd Sized Objects

    The moving team is almost finished empting the second floor of the Natural History Museum. The last few moves have been interesting in terms of moving larger objects. The old elevator in the building only takes one standard EU pallet and anything that can’t fit on a pallet must find an alternative way out. Consequently, […]

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  • Loads of alcohol!

    Loads of alcohol!

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! As mentioned in our Christmas post (Click here to see) we started 2014 with packing the spirit collection on display at the museum. We decided on a movable packing solution to make the collection mobile for later convenience. Everything was placed on pallets padded with Styrofoam. The glasses […]

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  • Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas 2013

    The snow has settled in Bergen and the holidays are approaching fast. With only a few weeks left of December, we are working on the first load of birds from the now closed Museum of Natural History. At the same time we are working on some ethnographic material and getting as much as possible ready […]

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  • First exhibition room empty

    First exhibition room empty

    Due to the extensive renovation of the University Museum of Bergen, the natural history collections on display will all be evacuated. The renovation process recently begun with the closing of the exhibitions on 1st of November and now time is limited for each room inside the museum to be emptied. Hearing the builders on the […]

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  • Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze

    The new central storage facility is clean and free of pests. To keep it that way, we have to make sure that there are no living pests in the objects we move into the new storage. Pest removal or sanitation can be done in several ways, as was mentioned in a previous post Danger! Danger! Insects!. […]

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  • Flying stones?

    Flying stones?

    As mentioned in previous blog posts, the moving team dedicated April to relocating a collection of large building stones. Here comes a step-by-step overview of the method we used for the move. To see the moving movie click here. First week we photographed the storage where the stones were located and at the same time […]

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  • Surprising treasure

    Surprising treasure

    This week we have been picking up the ends of the stone move. A collection of smaller building stones and pottery were placed in the conservation lab for washing and repacking in plastic boxes as a pose to the old wooden boxes they were kept in before. But it wasn’t just stones the boxes contained. […]

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  • What stones are we moving?!

    What stones are we moving?!

    The last two weeks have been dedicated to a special moving project. The task is to move building stones in all shapes and sizes (from the size of a hand to stones of 300-400 kg) from a storage room within a protected building to a new storage location. The stones are being moved because the […]

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