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  • Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas 2013

    The snow has settled in Bergen and the holidays are approaching fast. With only a few weeks left of December, we are working on the first load of birds from the now closed Museum of Natural History. At the same time we are working on some ethnographic material and getting as much as possible ready […]

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  • Medal memory

    Medal memory

    Finally our medals are conserved and analyzed. One cross is the Iron Cross and the other the Spanish Cross. The Iron Cross originates in 13th century Kingdom of Jerusalem, when the Teutonic Order was granted the right to combine their Black Cross with the silver Cross of Jerusalem. As a military decoration the Iron Cross have […]

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  • How to dress your conservator

    How to dress your conservator

    In museum collections some objects may have been treated with toxic or poisonous materials like arsenic and mercury. These elements were used as a conservation method and as pest treatment. Generally, we don’t have records of prior treatments, nor do we know exactly witch objects could be a health risk to the conservators. Therefore, we […]

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  • Coordinating cooperation

    Coordinating cooperation

    When undertaking a project such as ours, moving a variety of collections and thousands of objects, we have to keep in touch with the curators, who manage the collections on a daily basis, and other museum staff who will get involved along the way. Contact and communication with the rest of the museum staff is […]

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  • Digital documentation

    Digital documentation

    For the moving project the conservation team had a new database constructed from scratch. In this database all the objects are recorded, their condition described and the picture taken at the photo station attached. All the objects are also given a risk estimating number offering an assessment of the condition of the item and a […]

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  • Ho ho ho Merry Christmas

    Ho ho ho Merry Christmas

    The holidays are swiftly approaching and the crew on the moving project is thinning out as people go away for Christmas and New Year.  We are packing up the last objects and preparing to shot down “Santa’s workshop” as the packing station has been nicknamed throughout December (more on the packing station when we return […]

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  • Team of Queens

    Team of Queens

    A group of eight conservators make up the moving team undertaking the practical work in relocating the collections at the University Museum in Bergen. We are divided in between three fields of conservation and educated from 4 different schools ranging from Sweden to Brazil. The mixture in field, background, experience and expertise strengthens our ability […]

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  • Could it be gold??

    Could it be gold??

    As mentioned in an earlier blog the XRF can be used to detect elements. During our XRF course we tried out the XRF on different museum objects. One of the objects was a piece of textile assumed to originate from a medieval dress dating back to the 13th century. The piece of textile was found […]

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  • We’re off!

    We’re off!

    Welcome to the moving projects new blog! We, at the museums conservation unit, would like to welcome you all in this very first post. The great moving project will soon commence and therefor we thought it would be nice with a blog where everyone can keep updated on just what we’re up to. The museums […]

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