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  • The moving project signing out

    The moving project signing out

    The moving project has come to an end. The project is closing down for now, having successfully emptied the Natural History building on Musèplassen 3. The endeavor has taken more than three years to complete and included many different challenges, but they have all been met by the team of conservators in good spirit. To […]

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  • The moving project hits rock bottom

    The moving project hits rock bottom

    The team has begun moving a geological collection out, as the last stage of emptying the natural history museum. The geological samples were housed in the basement and had not been curated for many years. The basement wasn’t suited for storing museum objects which became obvious when looking at some of the samples. Especially pyrite […]

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  • Mummified whales and exotic rocks

    Mummified whales and exotic rocks

    The moving project started 2015 with the last stage of emptying the Natural History Museum. The collections left are exotic birds on display and geology both the mineral exhibition and a mixed geology collection in the basement. Undertaking this last part of the packing has given us a few reminders, for example to look through […]

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  • Massive move – part two

    Massive move – part two

    As promised this week’s post is about how we got the big animals out a window. All mounted animals were secured to a pallet and cowered with plastic. Approximately 60 animals had to be moved out within a week. There wasn’t room for all the animals in our own climatically stable freezer. Instead we got […]

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  • Massive move – part one

    Massive move – part one

    In the past five months we have been preparing to move out the big animals. To summarize the process we’ve made this short video. To view the video click here or on the link below: Next week we will release a video on the move it self!

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  • SHARK!!!!


    Autumn is approaching, the days are growing shorter and time is closing in on moving the big animals from the museum exhibition. The conservators on the moving project have, in association with the construction firm currently renovating the south wing of the museum, scheduled to move the “oversized mounts” out a window by crane in […]

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  • Big animals – Big deal!

    Big animals – Big deal!

    The moving team has taken on the challenge of preparing the move of large animals from the closed museum. The animals are so big, they have to be cleaned in the museum and from there go directly to a freezing facility and storage. One of the smaller exhibition rooms has been converted into a cleaning […]

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  • Working against time

    Working against time

    This month, the moving project started moving cultural history objects from old storage rooms with very bad climate, as mentioned in the previous post (click here). The cultural objects are a part of Norway’s history with selections of “ølboller” and “mangletrær” unique to this region, amongst other things. The climate has a relative humidity of […]

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  • Loads of alcohol!

    Loads of alcohol!

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! As mentioned in our Christmas post (Click here to see) we started 2014 with packing the spirit collection on display at the museum. We decided on a movable packing solution to make the collection mobile for later convenience. Everything was placed on pallets padded with Styrofoam. The glasses […]

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  • Now it’s official!!

    Now it’s official!!

    This Wednesday we had thegrand Halloween flavored opening of our new storage facility! 80 people made the trip by bus to the grotto, among them the Director of the University Museum of Bergen and the Prorector of the University of Bergen. The day featured several speeches before Prorector officially opened the facilities by cutting the […]

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