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  • Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze

    The new central storage facility is clean and free of pests. To keep it that way, we have to make sure that there are no living pests in the objects we move into the new storage. Pest removal or sanitation can be done in several ways, as was mentioned in a previous post Danger! Danger! Insects!. […]

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  • Packing the delicates

    Packing the delicates

    Before the Christmas holidays we wrote a little about the packing station and in this post we’ll elaborate on that.   When the objects are registered they move on to the packing station. The goal of this station is to prepare the objects for being moved and frozen on site at the new central storage facility. […]

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  • How to XRF

    How to XRF

    This week the conservation department got a handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer. The XRF NITON XL3t GOLDD+ pistol is to be used for material identification, a nondestructive way of examining metals, heavy metals and plastic components in the materials we will be working with. In the moving project we will investigate the usage of the XRF […]

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