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  • The moving project signing out

    The moving project signing out

    The moving project has come to an end. The project is closing down for now, having successfully emptied the Natural History building on Musèplassen 3. The endeavor has taken more than three years to complete and included many different challenges, but they have all been met by the team of conservators in good spirit. To […]

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  • Goodbye 2014!

    Goodbye 2014!

    This year has brought some big events on the moving project! We moved out big animals through a window and most of the Natural History Museum is empty. In 2015 we will move out the last things from the museum. We already packed the botanical exhibition, so we will be starting with geology firstly with […]

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  • Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas 2013

    The snow has settled in Bergen and the holidays are approaching fast. With only a few weeks left of December, we are working on the first load of birds from the now closed Museum of Natural History. At the same time we are working on some ethnographic material and getting as much as possible ready […]

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  • Under the southern sun

    Under the southern sun

    So last week the natural history conservators on the moving project had an excursion to Barcelona. Not to get a tan, though it was warm and sunny in Spain, but to attend 1st International Conservation Symposium-Workshop for Natural History Collections (A forum in Conservation, Restoration and Preparation).  The symposium lasted for three days, two days […]

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  • Team of Queens

    Team of Queens

    A group of eight conservators make up the moving team undertaking the practical work in relocating the collections at the University Museum in Bergen. We are divided in between three fields of conservation and educated from 4 different schools ranging from Sweden to Brazil. The mixture in field, background, experience and expertise strengthens our ability […]

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